We are going to the hospital this afternoon for the first of the four tests on Ro. She will be getting a renal ultrasound today. Though I don’t look forward to doctor visits, I am looking forward to getting my sweet little girl better. She is looking forward to it too as she isn’t dreading seeing the doctor, and she knows why she needs to go. That is making things a little easier. I’m also thankful that I have been able to avoid the long term antibiotic as of now. I’m working hard at rebuilding her gut flora. It’s very important to have that good bacteria for optimal digestion and to aid her in her fight with environmental allergies. Hopefully, I’ll find that I won’t have to give them at all. We only have a week to go before the biggies. I’ve decided not to over explain things to her about the anesthesia. I’m just going to hold her hand and let her know that things will be fine. I’m not freaking out near as much now. Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, good vibes, and advice. It means so much. I’ll update when we get back.

Update:  We’re home again.  Things went well.  Actually, the waiting was the hardest part.  We waited over an hour and a half after we registered.  The techinician said she couldn’t disclosed whether things looked off or normal, so we will have to wait for the doctor’s report.  Ro did great.  She was really still and enjoyed seeing the pictures on the screen.  The easy part is over!

Update 2 – Got the results today!  Though her left kidney is a bit large, it is functioning normally as is the right!  This brings us one step closer to ruling out the worst case scenario!