1. Ivy started walking Sunday and she’s only 10 months old!
  2. A lady at the hospital asked what my children’s names were.  After being told, she looks at Ivy and says, “I’m sorry, honey.   You’re a pretty thing though.”
  3. We have a friend we lovingly nicknamed Jorge (Hor-hay).  Deladis says, “Daddy, you can’t have Jorge.  Horses eat hay.”
  4. I’m so sore from Taebo!  Billy Blanks said I shouldn’t do the workout all the way through the first time.  I said, “Who said?” and did it anyway. 🙂
  5. I got to read a story at a meeting of the Writers of the North Fork.  It’s great to have community.
  6. Oh, rain… I know we need you, but four days in a row?”
  7. The recycling center we have to use in the next county stopped taking glass.  It’s no longer worth it for them. 😦
  8. I’m looking forward to a Natural Parenting Group meeting tonight.  I hope there are more parents who find us.
  9. I’ve started writing a novel.
  10. I’ve really neglected house cleaning since starting to blog… thus 10 random thoughts. 😉