I want to do my part to promote the culture of Appalachia because I feel strongly that that is where our future lies.  I also know that it has so much to offer the whole world.  Periodically, I have decided to post links for various Appalachian artists, musicians, storytellers, writers, etc… for your pleasure.  I will always be sure to include links for both adults and children.  This is the first of this type of post.  Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to see more of the same.

Visual Arts:

  • Pam Oldfield Meade – www.pamoldfieldmeade.com (very unique style, does both large and small scale work)
  • Angelyn Debord – www.geocities.com/mtnstories (lovely whimsical style, reminiscent of impressionists, like a mountain fairytale – Angie is also a writer and master storyteller)
  • John Haywood – www.haywoodart.com (yeah, my hubby, but I believe in what he is doing and truly respect and value his artwork outside of the realms of marriage)

For the Kids:

Real Traditional Old-Time Mountain Music: (before Bluegrass)

  • George Gibson – www.banjohistory.com (Gibson is a treasure to the old-time music world.  He is a banjo historian and player of the old-time style prominent in the mountains of eastern Kentucky prior to the introduction of Bluegrass picking.)
  • Brett Ratliff – www.brettratliff.com (wonderful old-time banjo player and singer from Van Lear, Kentucky)
  • John Haywood – www.haywoodart.com (my hubby again, and a very committed old-time banjo player and singer.)

I hope you enjoy exploring these links.  Let me and the talented folks know what you think.