Poor, pitiful, Plo :)

Poor, pitiful, Plo 🙂

Would you cut this child some bangs?  Am I being a cruel mother by making her have to wear a hairbow just so she can see?  I hated hairbows as a child.  Is it torture?  Am I wrong in being sentimental about her hair?  Hanging onto every strand like a thread of gold (Well, try silver.  I don’t care much for gold.).  She was born with every bit of it, and I want her to keep it.  I think of a day when her hair can hang like Mommy’s and all she’ll have to do is brush it or giver herself a ponytail and go.  But, maybe she isn’t a tomboy like me.  She knows nothing else, so is it wrong?  Am I failing as a mother because of neglecting to cut my baby’s hair?  I could get all Biblical and say a woman’s hair is her glory, but folks would say that was then, this is now.  So, I’m left with a question and the feelings of a mother for the creation God blessed her to grow in her womb.

“Children begin by loving their parents.  After a time, they judge them.  Rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.”

-Oscar Wilde