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Our winter house guests

Our winter house guests

1,2,3…4,5,6…7,8,9…10,11,12… ladybugs came to the ladybug picnic.  Fortunately, they enjoying picnicking in our bedroom the best and not in the kitchen.  They have been with us all winter and show no signs of leaving anytime soon.  It’s okay.  We are used to them.  Deladis calls them her friends.  She gets right upset when she carries one into the living room and it won’t stay sitting next to her on the couch.  These ladybugs are really helpful in teaching her how to be gentle with animals.

And they all sing and dance… at the ladybug picnic.

I’m pretty excited too about a new give away at The Nourished Kitchen (  Visit the site for a giveaway in partnership with Cultures for Health.  If you win, you will recieve water keifer grains, a yogurt starter culture of your choice, and a sourdough starter of your choice.  Exciting stuff that makes for healthy eating.  I’m all about that.

Have a good weekend.


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