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I am hosting a blog give away for the month of April in celebration of both Earth Day and National Cesarean Awareness Month.  A lucky winner drawn at random by my oldest daughter from names in a hat (I’m real tech savvy), will receive a size Large pink wool soaker.  The drawing will be held on the last day of the month.  A wool soaker is a breathable cloth diaper cover that will need to be lanolized.  It is WAHM made by Angel Luvz and is really very beautiful.  I chose the soaker because cloth diapering is a positive thing that parents can do for their babes and the environment.

Also, in celebration of the birth of my two daughters who were both born via c-section.  Deladis was taken early from my womb with no medical reason to do so (I now know).  I was persuaded to have the c-section by a female OB who used scare tactics and made me feel like she knew for certain my baby was too big to fit through my pelvis.  She was 8.13 lbs. and 20.5 inches.  After grieving my inability to birth my child naturally, I researched and talked with other doctors and midwives and found I had been duped.  Ivy was born at 41 weeks 6 days and was an attempted homebirth VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  My water broke on the 26th and she was born via c-section on the morning of the 28th.  This surgery was necessary.  Ivy was posterior, head cocked back, and her cord was wrapped several times around her arm causing pressure knots.  She could not descend into the birth canal.  I had an excellent direct entry midwife and doula with me, who helped me know that the decision to have a c-section was the right one.  I experienced labor to the fullest.  I don’t believe I ever will have another child, but if I did, I would chose homebirth and VBAC.

I want all mothers considering elective c-sections for non-medical reasons to reconsider.  Many babies born via c-section are taken too early from the womb.  C-sections are major surgery with consequences to both the mother and the baby.  It is not something to be considered lightly.  Know that your body was made to birth your baby and you were made to be able to withstand childbirth.  Find your power in that.

I want all mother who have experienced c-sections to know that there is healing emotionally and physically.  You are not alone.


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