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I am resisting the thought that I might be the proud mother of the next Evil Knievel.  Ivy has been walking only a month and she is already all over the place.  She climbs on the hearth that stands about a foot and a quarter off the ground and balances, walking back and forth.

acrobat She has somersaulted from this height as well, tucking and rolling like a gymnast.  She has also somersaulted from our back porch, which sits about as high as the hearth.  She loves walking the edge of the porch – right against the edge.  It’s not that I am not trying to protect her.  I am – very hard.  Protecting her consumes the biggest part of my day.  It is just futile running.  She sees no danger and listens to no one who tries to keep her safe.

Ivy thoroughly enjoys strumming her daddy’s guitars (the guitar and bass seem to interest her most), but I think she enjoys standing on top of the instrument cases just as much.  Her latest feat is standing in Deladis’s rocking chair.  She stands and holds the back of it and rocks.  She has also figured out how to sit and rock, which, as you can see, makes her really pleased with herself.

happyYoga is another passion of hers.  She assumes the downward facing dog position several time daily.  I would approximate around 20.  She executes the position perfectly – beautifully.  I’d love to say she got it from Mama, but I have tight hamstrings and my down dog is not textbook.  If at some point, I’m lucky enough to snag a picture,  I’ll have to add it to this post.

Currently, she is packing a black eye.  Imagine a boxer’s eye just after a fight, though not split open.  She walks all over the house all day long.  After getting tired, her little legs aren’t as sure and she falls.  Falls and knocks against things.  Though, try to  make her sit down before she is good and ready, and she will scream like you’ve pinched her.

Now, it’s on to figuring out how to nurture this dual gift that can lead to great excellence as well as great danger.  Wish me luck fellow parents.


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