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What happens when an off-grid living mother and her three year old who have no access to cable television come into the “real world” where 73 channels are at there fingertips?  It’s sad to say – a vegetative state.  It’s true folks.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoy TV viewing.  I’ve enjoyed it since childhood, and took it very seriously.  I used to run around in my underpants until Mr. Rogers came on.  I put on pants to watch him because I was convinced he could see through the TV.  Why shouldn’t he be able to?  He could do everything else. 😉    So, it’s a good thing we are without it at home.  I am much more productive, and was hoping to be while here.  But, what’s a vacation – right.

See there is “Locked Up Abroad”.  Who wouldn’t want to hear stories about folks drug dealing overseas and getting caught.  Pretty dag gone interesting.  I’ve learned not to carry a gun in Mexico.  Oh, and there’s Gangland.  That can be a good one.  I especially enjoy the ones on prison gangs.  It is amazing how those guys function.  I love The History Channel, the scholarly Bible shows being my favorite.  Have you ever watched the one on the “7 Deadly Sins”?  Ooo…Ooo and Man v. Food!  I’d love to go where he’s gone… and eat – shoot!  Plus, Adam seems like an old  friend.  Between National Geographic, Discovery, TLC, A&E, The History Channel, and PBS, I’m pretty well covered as far as entertainment goes.  I could waste a heck of a lot of time.

Then, there’s Deladis.  She is a movie buff at three.  She is a real Tim Burton fan.  We started out as a no television family, but with her bout of sickness the TV increased a bit.  At least it was controlled by us, and movies – no commercials.  Here, there is PBS Kids.  She loves “Super Why” and “Word World”.  “Sid the Science Kid” is also a favorite.  Then, there’s “Yo Gabba Gabba” which I will let her watch.  It is one of the only kids shows that has intelligent music, and I like their themes.

It almost feels sinful that there is a television in the living room and every bedroom of my mother’s house.  We can each watch what we want – be happy.  I feel foolish telling cyberspace of my affair with the television, and letting my daughter partake in such madness.  I come close to feeling like a guilty mother.  But, it’s once every so often, and I learn what is going on in the world.  O’Bama’s been president since January and I really have no idea what he’s been up to.  Looking at healthcare, hopefully.  Maybe that is what I’ll find out next. 🙂


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