cheeseI began yesterday as any other day.  I blogged, did Taebo, set out 4 rows of onions, and two rows of carrots.  But, when John returned home from Pick and Bow, we began our own simple celebration of the birth of a child I never thought I’d have.  First, her daddy gave her her present – a tiny sock monkey (Handmade by Leniavell Trivette) he bought while at Merlefest.  It is gorgeous and Ivy loved it, kissing it.  Then, her daddy put her new swing her Papaw and Mamaw Hansel bought her on the swingset.  She thought it was so funny to be able to swing by herself and she laughed.  Later, she nearly fell asleep swinging with her sock monkey.

For supper, I made Beef Tarjne and it was a hit – I think.  Deladis ate it good.  I liked it.  Ivy ate some baked potato with sour cream and butter.  That is one of her favorite foods.  Then, since I could not find the recipe for the peanut butter balls :(, we decided to go to Dairy Queen to buy the girls a treat.

icecreamIvy had her very first ice cream.  She liked it much better than chocolate cake!

slushDeladis loved her cherry Artic Rush.  You can see her enjoyment all over her face.

Sitting in the dark at the DQ.

Sitting in the dark at the DQ.

Ivy enjoyed it being dark.  A warm breeze was blowing in some rain and it felt good on our skin.  Ivy liked watching the headlights and taillights on all the cars going by.  We decided to let her play a bit.

partyhardyAbout 9:30pm we headed back toward the holler.  I think we all had glad hearts.  It may not have been a birthday bash spectacular, but I think it was one that celebrated the moment appropriately.