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I’ve got $269 a month to work with, and it has become necessary to plan a menu and stick to a grocery list.  I will have to cut back on certain food stuffs we purchase, and I will have to spend a bit more time in food preparation.  See my posts on food to learn more about the Traditional/Whole Foods way of eating.

I’ve made the following adjustments to my food choices:

  • Purchase organic fresh fruits and veggies only from the Dirty Dozen list.  Frozen veggies will suffice in place of fresh ones to save money.
  • Make my own sausage out of ground turkey, chicken, pork, or lamb, whichever I can find at the time.  With sausage $2.29 a pound and bacon $4.99 for 12 slices, I have to cut back there.  We eat meat every morning for breakfast.
  • Cut back on egg use.  (Ultimate goal is to get our own chickens.) Organic eggs are $3.49 a dozen.  We easily use 6 a day.  I will be adding more grains in our breakfasts and more potatoes.  I worry about Deladis here as she loves eggs, but I hope her tastes will warm to the new menu as we go.
  • Use more potatoes and rice to try to avoid using too much wheat.  Limit grains when I can.
  • Use more beans and lentils.
  • Buy more whole chickens and ground meats.  They go further, and you can make bone broths for soups.
  • Buy local honey instead of organic.  Should have been doing that anyway.  Local benefits allergies more.
  • Make Deladis’s rice and/or nut milks myself.
  • Do not buy outside of the store list.
  • Purchase a yogurt starter culture to make my own yogurt.
  • Purchase a sourdough or attempt to make a sourdough starter culture for bread making.  I will be making our bread from here on out as we will be eating more breads.
  • Purchase grains, nuts, spices from the Mennonite Bulk Foods store.
  • Do not buy baby food purees or pre-made snacks for Ivy.  I will make my own purees for her, or she will eat from what we are eating.

I went grocery shopping Saturday and spent $105.33.  With what I already have in the freezer and cupboards, I’m hoping to make what I purchased last most of the month.  I know I will have to replenish dairy products and breakfast meats.  I did find that I cannot make sausage any cheaper than I can buy it.  I can actually buy Swaggerty’s MSG free sausage for cheaper than making my own.  The bacon we have to cut back on.  One or two packages a month will have to be enough.  It’s too bad, because I so love cooking with bacon fat.  I have not bought my oats, nuts or spices yet as the bulk food store was closed.

I also bought a few things that were not on my list.  They were on sale and I rationalized the purchases.  I hope those decisions don’t come back to get me.  My goal was to stick to my list.

Saturday’s Purchases and Prices: Things crossed out will be purchased later.

  • organic whole milk (1 gallon) – $3.85
  • organic half and half (2 pints) – $1.49 (The organic wasn’t in stock.  I bought only 1 pint of regular.)
  • organic eggs (2 dozen) – $6.98 (I have six more left over in the fridge.  I’m going to try to stretch that to cover the whole month.)
  • organic raisins – $2.79
  • oats
  • nuts
  • honey
  • Babybel cheese – $2.99
  • Bacon – $4.99
  • Whole Chickens (2) – $12.23
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • old bay” seasoning, rosemary, fennel, tarragon, coriander, cardamon, fenugreek, green peppercorns, file powder
  • organic green peppers (2) – $1.46 (organic wasn’t in stock. 😦 )
  • red peppers (2) – organic is not available here – $4.38
  • onions – $1.88
  • juice for the girls – $6.33
  • 2 lbs. ground beef – $8.50 (I have one pound in the freezer to add to this amount.)
  • pork chops (optional as we have plenty of rabbit in the freezer) – $3.02
  • expeller pressed flax oil
  • organic salad greens – $3.49
  • organic petite carrots – $1.50
  • mandarin oranges – $2.00 (4 cans)
  • brussel sprouts (frozen) – $1.79
  • lemons (6) – $1.98 (organic wasn’t in stock.)
  • 4 tomatoes – $5.81 (organic not available in fresh tomatoes)
  • cilantro (fresh) – $.99
  • rice milk for Deladis until I figure out how to make it – $7.00 (1 gallon)
  • sour cream – $2.73
  • ketchup for Deladis until I figure out how to make it – $2.49

Purchases not on my list.

Salsa (2 jars) – $5.98, Anchovys – $1.45, Sardines $1.00

I’m happy with this list and how much I purchased for the price.  Maybe I’m kidding myself in thinking we won’t run out of food or money to buy more before the end of this month, but it doesn’t seem that way so far.  I will post my menu for this week on Thursday, and tell you how food preparation is fitting into our rhythm.


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