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I’m not the best housekeeper by any means.  I won’t even say I’m good.  I’m a collector of books, movies, CDs, magazines, dishes, etc… and we live in a cabin that is very small.  We have only one closet, two small bedrooms, a bathroom (nice size), kitchen, and small living room.  Oh, did I mention John was  a musician and plays currently three different instruments of which he likes to keep a few of each type.  Then, there are his painting supplies, painting until they are sold or hung in a gallery, his books, CDs, magazines, and paperwork.

That brings us to the girls who are blessed to have amazing grandparents (3 sets) who want them to have everything they could possibly ask for, which results in this… their room after an hour of cleaning, and taking five boxes and several bags to Goodwill.



room1Where do I start?  I mean, finish.  It is my dream to give them a Waldorf inspired place of dwelling.  A place of simple beauty that holds the bare elements of nature.  But, I have no idea how to go about it in our tiny space.  I feel as if I should keep gifts they receive until it is obivous they should go.  They are sharing this room, but Deladis is the only one who sleeps there as of now.  I’m questioning the amount of books they have, but I so want them to love reading and be encouraged to explore books.  I’m taking any and all suggestions.  Thanks ahead of time. 😉


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