During my trip, I have arranged for some great Appalachian women to guest blog on this site.  Their topic was being a woman in Appalachia.  How has that impacted their lives?  I have women from every age group and varied backgrounds.  Some still in Appalachia and some living away from home.  I am so excited about compiling the writings of this group of women as I believe it is imperative for the women of our area to always have an open arena to have their voices heard.  The women that are going to be sharing their writing this week make an arena for themselves.  I don’t think you could shut them up if you tried. 🙂  That’s why I love them so.

Monday – Marge Fulton (Flying the Coop) www.hazardgal.com

Marge is an artist and writer residing in Hazard, Kentucky.  She is originally from Tennessee, but moved into Kentucky to raise her family.  She is a great member of the community, and her book All Roads Lead to Hazard is finding great success.  Marge is an active member of Writers of the North Fork and Arts in the Mountains, both groups established to help and support writers and artists in the mountains.  She is currently working in the horror fiction genre, and we are all looking forward to seeing her new collection in print.

Wednesday – Annita Lawson (Something to be Proud Of) http://thriftysouthernmama.blogspot.com

Annita is in the throes of motherhood.  She is a avid writer and blogs at the above website.  She is dedicated to natural, frugal living, and has many great ideas.  I have been enjoying her blog for quite sometime and have found in her writing a safe and familiar place.

Friday – Ida Lee Hansel (Appalachian Born & Bred) http://1939blog.blogspot.com

Ida Lee Hansel can now say she is a great grandmother, grandmother, and mother to four children.  She is my grandmother.  She has been a writer all of her life, and deep within her resides the desire to tell the stories she finds so important.  She is a paralegal by trade, a writer by heart, and a geneologist through interest.  Ida is widely published in both poetry and fiction forms.  She currently guest blogs for WSGS, Hazard at the above website in their blog of the past.  She is missing her mountains in South Carolina, but is working hard to leave a mark.  She has definitely inspired and nurtured me.  I am so fortunate to have her, and am so proud to share her words with you.