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First, I want to thank the 3 great women who did a guest blog for me this last week.  The posts were really inspiring!

We cut our wonderful trip short and came home Thursday.  The van kept quitting on us and it is supposed to rain in Mt. Airy, NC the rest of the week.  John left out today to go to the festival alone.

We came home to almost all of our potato plants having been eaten by red bugs.  I think about half of them are lost.

dead plantI spent much of today filling a yellow paint bucket with the nasty things, picking them off with my hands, and cursing them in my head.

nastyWhen I gave some to the chickens, and even they thought they were nasty, I decided to drown them.  I am beyond upset.  I don’t know how to get my plants back to their glorious condition again, or if I even can.



Our chickens are sopping wet and living in mud.  It has rained here almost non-stop since we left.  John didn’t have time to help me straighten things out before he left again.  I am here working alone with the girls on our ten year anniversary, which marks fifteen years together.   We both feel bad that we can’t spend this momentous day with each other. 😦  John has been my man since I was fifteen years old.  He is truly my other half and very best friend.

My evening was spent replanting the corn that the birds and squirrels eat out of the ground before it has had a chance to sprout.  This makes the third time.  I’m not sure how to remedy that.  I know the old timers had some way with no chain link fences and pesticides.

Since there will be so much to do around here this week for many reasons, I’m going to post my journal entries during the trip starting on Monday, along with pictures.  I may do some current posts in between.  I’ll be updating daily, so feel free to leave comments.   We have had a great time and learned so much.  I think it will be interesting reading… 😉  Now, in homecoming I’ve been knocked back to earth… trying not to cry over my potatoes.


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