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We moved the chicken coop and the run for the first time since we got our little flock.  That was more of an ordeal than I had expected.  We kept the chickens in the run and moved the coop first.  John built it up on tractors, so it is fairly easy to move.  Then, we decided to move the run with the chickens in it.  They are a wild bunch and very hard to catch, so I haven’t been brave enough to let them have free range yet.  I’d like to work to that point though, especially after this experience.

We start moving the run a smidgen at a time, but the chickens were startled into fits.  It was almost like they turned into a bunch of possums playing dead.  They wouldn’t move along with us.  Then, Bobby Lou got her legs hung under the bottom edge of the run, (Don’t worry she wasn’t injured.) and it was all over from there.  Bill Henry then went into protection mode and it was total chaos.  I thought chickens were supposed to “shoo”, not freeze.

We finally got them to some fresh grass, shade, and a cleaner area.  I’d like to think that someday I could turn them out and they would come back to the coop to lay eggs and roost on their own.  However, where we are predators are a real possibility.  We have skunks, raccoons, possums, foxes, black bears, and big snakes.  I’d like to protect our assets from danger.  Also, they are a very skiddish flock.  I have developed a reasonable relationship with them in that it doesn’t work them up when I come around, because I’m the one cleaning up after them, feeding and watering them, collecting eggs, and giving them treats.  Yet, they’d never let me pet them or pick them up without a wrangling.  They are spooked by John really bad.  I don’t trust that letting them free range is the best thing – at least not right now.  I have to have a little more faith in them first.

The flock in the run.

The flock in the run.

I believe they are happy chickens with the coop and run.  I make sure they have plenty of grass to scratch and graze on.  They love clover.  Plus, we bought them to save money on eggs.  Replacing members of the flock wouldn’t be a cheap thing if predator attacks were a frequent.  These girls were $10 each and our roosters were $5.

Managing a sustainable way of life is really a job.  I can completely see how that was what consumed the lives of our ancestors day to day.  Work outside of the home often wouldn’t have been possible with growing an organic garden, tending animals, and maintaining structures on the property.  Our recent incidents of potato bugs, maggots in the compost, and moving the coop have been big work.  But, it’s meaningful work and work I enjoy.  It is work that makes me proud.

I’ve been assisting singer, songwriter, and dancer Carla Gover with teaching Kids on the Creek this week at the Cowan Mountain Music School.  It is an awesome time and a great privilege for me to get to be a part of that and passing on our traditions.  Our age range is from 5-11 years of age not including my girls.  It’s for sure an adventure.  Our theme for the week is “magic”.

So, needless to say, I am scrambling to find the time to write quality blog posts this week, but I did realize that my busy self forgot to draw the winner for my own Give Away on June 5th.  Deladis drew out the lucky winner out of 6 entries to win 2 of John’s postcards with prints of his original artwork.  That winner was Susie!  🙂  Thanks to everyone who entered.

I also want to mention that my next give away begins now, and the drawing will be held on July 20th.  Two winners will receive a copy of Kudzu Magazine featuring my story that won the Gurney Norman Prize for Short Fiction.  I have a few extra copies that I’d like to get out to folks who otherwise might not run across one, so if you are interested, please comment on this post or under the heading Give Aways at the top of my main page.  The story is about a city cop who ends up having to stay home to take care of his newborn.

Over at the Nourished Kitchen the voting is being held for the winner of the Clean Your Plate recipe contest.  My recipe for honey molasses cookies is in the running.  All the recipes look great.  I’m pretty excited about the honey sweetened strawberry preserves.  Yum!  Go take a look at that great blog and resource for good wholesome food ideas, and vote for your favorite recipe.

Another thing I’d like to ask of my readers, if you wouldn’t mind to give your answer to the poll I have placed in the left column on my main page, I’d love to hear what kinds of topics interest you and bring you to my blog.  I appreciate all my readers so very much.  It is amazingly gratifying for a writer, and though this blog is in part for me, it is mostly for you.  Otherwise, I’d just keep a journal. 😉  I’d love to know your thoughts.

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