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After yesterday’s worrying about the inside of the cabin and fun trip to Hazard, I decided to spend a bit more time outdoors with the girls.  We waited until late afternoon for things to cool off a bit, and then went blackberry picking.  We just came out of an odd patch of weather that I’m thinking was a blackberry winter of sorts.  It didn’t get above the 70s for about a week, and we didn’t have to use the window unit air conditioners.  I thought that might be a sign that we would find some ripe blackberries.

berryThese aren’t quite ripe, but we did find a handful after braving the snakey areas of the creek.  I’ll have to freeze them as we pick them.  I’m aiming to get enough to make blackberry dumplings, or something good.

basketDeladis was all about carrying that basket of berries.

We got back to the cabin and I watered the garden some.  The water loving plants are getting a little wilty, though we are getting mass amounts of goodness from them.  We have no water hose or efficient way of watering things, so I joyfully carried a five gallon bucket back and forth from the garden to the outside spicket twenty times over.  (I really was joyful. 🙂 )

Ivy has taken off verbally and physically these last few weeks.  She slides by herself, goes down the back porch steps, and is attempting to say many more things.  Her favorite combo is “Where we going?” as she is walking through the yard toward the dirt road that leads us out of here.  This evening I asked her where she was going, and she was clear that she was off to the sand.

countrygirlDon’t even think for one minute that you are cut out for the country if you can’t walk barefooted across the gravel.  John’s aunt Danita used to tell him that all the time.  She’s probably laughing a smooth, thick laughter in her perfect place in heaven right now, proud of her little country girl.

toesiesThen, cool those tootsies off in the evening sand.

sandboxThey do have a sandbox filled with store bought sand, but does that matter?  Absolutely, not!  Who needs toys when there’s a world to explore?



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