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Project Flush is on the second leg.  I’ve finished clearing and cleaning both the kitchen and bathroom in the last few days.  Only two more rooms to go!  Then, maintenance.

Here was my kitchen before.

kitchenjunkWhat you see here is every flat surface being used to collect junk and things that will eventually make their way to the recycling center in the next county.  Dishes are most always clean, and the floor is most always swept.  Otherwise, chaos.

Here it is now.

cleankitI feel like having a dinner party ya’ll.  I might actually get to put my Hull dinnerware collection to use. 🙂  Come eat with the Haywoods.  You’ll be served traditional Appalachian cuisine on fancy plates.

Basically, there was a special trip made to the recycling center.  Old bibs that were still in good shape were donated to Goodwill.  Food that ended up in our house, but that we would never eat has been thrown out.  Christmas decorations being stored in the kitchen were parred down and stored elsewhere.  Play kitchen toys were put away.

I can see my kitchen table!

I am most proud of these two areas.

The Hutch

The Hutch

It’s organized and ready for service.  See those purty dishes, and my current food project fermenting?

The Microwave

The Microwave

The microwave top is no longer the home of a zillion plastic bags and snacks that I couldn’t bring myself to give the girls.  Now, it’s home to apple cider vinegar and a few organic treats for the girls.  Oh, and coupons.

Today, I tackled the bathroom all in one sweep.  It has always been the easiest room to clean.  Except for the shower, but I so appreciate it.  John and I lived for seven years in the big city without a shower.  Tub baths aren’t all the rage they are made out to be… really.  Not very relaxing at all.


The strategy here was same as everywhere else.  Get rid of what is not used.  Fortunately, here I had some space that wasn’t being fully utilized, so much of the stuff sprawled in the floor found new homes.

cleanbathNow, I’m thinking of laying the tile linoleum we have had for over a year down myself.  Is it doable with two small children?

With these two rooms clean and spacious, I’m ready for any visitor we might have.  It makes all the difference in the world.  I can feel a release, and it isn’t taking half as long to do it as I thought.  Procrastination is really an enemy.

Next, I’ll work on our bedroom which is the dumping ground for anything that needs to be stored that doesn’t fit elsewhere.  That room will be my biggest challenge.

*I have noticed while visiting many of your blogs and reading comments, that I’m not the only one working on a decluttering project.  If you’ve been inspired, or would like to inspire others to do the same, feel free to comment on this post and leave a link to a similar post on your blog.  I think our need to purge is not a coincidence. 🙂


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