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The following picture and words were created by my Aunt Sharon (Hansel) Sexton.  She is my daddy’s sister and has always been an inspiration to me.  Having no “human” children of her own, she has become like a second mother to my cousins and I.  She is one of the wisest people I know and extremely qualified in speaking on motherhood.  I hope you enjoy her outlook.

wren“I am sending you a picture I took this morning of a Carolina wren that has moved into one of my bird houses.  As I sit on the porch in the mornings reading my Bible, I have enjoyed watching this new mom.  She is so dedicated and watchful over her babies.  She works all day flitting back and forth bringing food to her little ones.  I have only seen a small head, so I don’t know how many babies there are.  As I sit and observe, I have noticed she never tires, and works so hard.  She is so small, but is mighty as a lion if you get too close!    God knows just what to give to moms to give them the knowledge to take care of their little ones… even the tiniest of birds.” -Sharon Sexton

Most of the relationships I have with other mothers are online.  I wish often that mothers in the mountains were more organized with one another for playgroups and those sorts of things.  It would be helpful to all of us.

When I converse with other mothers no matter where they are from, or what beliefs they hold fast too, it is obvious we are all given this extra sense – a sixth sense that was born when we became mothers.  There are strong feelings that come forth in times of great struggle and happiness that lets a mother know the right and wrong decisions for parenting her young ones.  In modern society, I find that often we are living contrary to what that intuition is telling us is right.  It has made mothers second guess that inner knowledge that all mothers in the animal kingdom have.  We are told by pediatricians, researchers, and child psychologists many times to go against those feelings, because those feelings lead us astray from what is healthy for our children.  I have been guilty of listening to those voices instead of that inner voice myself, and though not always, it has come back to bite me too many times.  I want to let all new mamas and those questioning their abilities that what is right for your family, may not be right for the next.  There is so much information out there that you can be fully informed before making any critical decisions for your family.  Empower yourself with knowledge and trust that if it feels right, there is a great chance it is.

photo by Sharon Sexton (my lovely aunt)

photo by Sharon Sexton (my lovely aunt)

I am a bit wore out from all the manifesto style writing that has went on over the last few days.  I’m tuckered out with trying to get the words just right.  🙂  I don’t usually take that tone with this blog, but I am pretty wound up about this topic lately. (See the previous two posts)

Today, I wanted to share a nice photo my wonderful aunt took, and tell you about an upcoming guest blog I’m doing.  This Friday, July 24th, I will be the featured blogger at Red Raven Circling for Morgan’s Appalachian Spotlight Series.  Morgan’s blog contains writings on nature, writing, and sustainable living which are all right up my alley.  I love it that she plans on featuring Appalachian voices as well.  That’s always a plus for us mountaineers.  Here it straight from the horses mouth.  So, in the meantime, I invite you to check out Red Raven Circling.


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