Nope, I’m not the only one.  I’m not alone.  In fact, I have found four other mountain mamas.  We all have incredibly common goals, and can be found doing many similar things.  We are building chicken coops, tending gardens, raising children, blogging, taking pictures, picking blackberries, cooking, preserving food, and making things.  When I found these mama blogs, it made me smile.  I saw worlds similar to my own.  I saw mothers making it their goal to bring up their children close to the natural world.  I saw families making a sustainable lifestyle.  I saw can-do women.  It makes me proud to be A Mountain Mama.  I wanted to share them with you.

Meet the other mamas and what we have in common:

Mountain Mama – Jenny – loves old things, raising chickens, getting rid of un-needed items, likes flea markets, was recently stung by a bee and was swollen (as was I), and picks blackberries.

Mountain Mama – Knits – our dads like the Thunderbirds, brother is gainfully employed by Wal-Mart (my Uncle loves his job at Wal-Mart), likes knitting and making things

Blue Ridge Mountain Mama – (C-re) raises chickens, Rooster named Henry (RIP Bill Henry), we are getting our first garden harvests

Mountain Mama – (North Carolina Blue Ridge mama), has sunflowers in her garden, a light haired child and a dark haired child like me, is working toward a green lifestyle

Our name is a simple one – Mountain Mama, but it is filled with hardwork, a love of nature, a striving to raise children who are in tune with their surroundings, a certain zest behind our motivations, and mountains.  Lots of majestic mountains.