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I do believe that I’m chilling out.  I’m becoming more patient.  It is a virtue that I have never had, but it’s coming – I feel it.  A few days ago, I received a sign.

milkCatching up on my writing, while the girls seemed to both be content to play on their own, was my task at hand.  They played in their room and I became absorbed with my work.  It was when things got a bit too quiet that I decided to get up and check things out.  Ivy had left the bedroom, crept into the kitchen, climbed upon the kitchen table, poured out milk, coffee and water on everything, and was using half a bag of napkins to try to clean it up.  I have a very adventurous little girl.  Yes, mommy should have been paying more attention.  Normally, I would freak out.  I’d say things like, “why” in a high pitched voice, immediately remove Ivy from the table, and be angry for a duration of time much longer than required.  I would pine away at my inability to do any sustained activity without Ivy napping, and feel punished for even having attempted it.

I didn’t do that this time.  I laughed.  I laughed, and my heart felt free.  At least my precious baby was trying to clean it up.  I’ve taught her well.  It was my fault, after all, that I neglected to push the chairs under the table after breakfast.  Some things happen for no reason at all.  Was I worried that she could have been hurt?  Not really.  She has very adept climbing skills and she would have hollered for me to get her down when she was finished.  Should I let it happen again?  No, but similar things are sure to come.  It’s the life of a mother and her children.  These feelings are a huge step in the right direction for me.  I’m celebrating. 🙂

Now, for the magic.  I am a firm believer that magic is all around us.  The Creator works in mysterious ways, and there is such glorious amazement to be found in the nature created for us to subdue and enjoy.  Since childhood, I have looked for oddities of nature, not necessarily looking for the whys and hows, just looking to gawk and be in awe.  Folks, I have a secret.  Gardeners for ages have planted various beds of flowers to attract butterflies to their yards.  One might plant beds of aster, marigolds, oregano, mint, and coneflower.

All the fuss and flowers aren’t necessary, gorgeous, but not necessary.  All you need to attract butterflies is poop.  Poop of the rooster and canine variety has attracted varying species of butterflies small and large to our property.  It is a beautiful show of color and dainty, careful flight.  The girls and I walk outside often to be surrounded by the magic of nature flitting here and there, circling us in radiance.

fliesonpoopHere are a smaller variety in all their lavender glory feasting on old man rooster poop.  The larger ones don’t like to be photographed.  Now, how do I answer Deladis’s question?  Why do butterflies eat poop?  It’s magic, honey.  🙂


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