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We are on our last week of the summer activities in our Little Acorn Learning preschool curriculum.  I’m getting more and more excited about fall activities – and Halloween!  Last week, we submersed ourselves in the world of rocks and stones.  We gathered them, washed them, painted them, and told stories about them.  Rocks have always fascinated me and I had fun sharing that love with my girls.  This week we are studying the beach, and so far, the weather has been so cool.  I don’t know if the field trip to the lake beach I was thinking about will work or not.


Ivy washing rocks last week.

Ivy loved the physicality of the activities of last week.  This week, I’m having a hard time with her.  I learned a story so I could tell it to them by heart and use some simple props like silks.  I tried four times today to start the story, but Ivy insisted on grabbing my props.  Redirecting her and giving Ivy her own props made her angry.  She ended up crying like a wild banshee.  I put my story basket away and told Deladis we’d do the story after Ivy went down for her nap.  Deladis then cried like a wild banshee, and I have felt down ever since.  I’m wondering how Waldorf educational philosophy will work with a super spirited child like Ivy.  I know there is something that I’m missing.  I believe there is a way and I will find it.

Deladis washing rocks in her gemstone crown she colored and glued.

Deladis washing rocks in her gemstone crown she colored and glued.

I think back to our days in Parent/Child classes when Deladis was Ivy’s age.  Deladis loved it there, and so did I.  It was so peaceful despite the age range in the children.  Their play was usually unhindered and uninterrupted.  We did a circle time that was relaxing and put me at such ease.  Snack time was a great act of faith as our little toddlers and preschoolers used porcelain dishes.  There was never one broken.  During story time, the children sat in their mamas’ laps and when the occasional child would toddle over to touch the teacher’s props, redirection always worked.  Parent/Child classes in Waldorf schools are supposed to mimic the home atmosphere and help parents learn the magic of early childhood and develop a rhythm to their home life.  I so feel like I’m trying to mimic our Parent/Child classes.  I want that peace in our days and activities.  I’d love to see Ivy in e setting of an actual Parent/Child class.  I think it would teach me so much.

A rock bath.

A rock bath.

Until I can get it right (most of the time), I will read more, study more, and try more.  As I said, there has to be something I’m not getting.  Though they do look pretty happy in these pictures.


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