I had a post all ready for this evening on the role of women in today’s world.  Can we be at-home mothers and still be respected?  Can we choose to live the career life and not be looked upon as selfish?  For those who choose both, how do you make all of it fit in one day and still remain a healthy person and raise healthy children?  I wrote 1300 words on that topic, scheduled it to publish tonight, and now, I’ve decided to sit on it awhile.  It’s one of those things that sits with you, then you become emotional on the topic.  I’m going to wait for it to rest.  Clarity.

Ivy is tearing the house apart bit by bit, John is away practicing with a band, Deladis is watching me type, and I sit with an overwhelming fatigue that keeps telling me it is time to go to sleep… to give up for the day and rest.  This is despite the fact that I have made it to bed by 10:30pm for the last three nights and woke around 7:00am or a little after.  It wasn’t uninterrupted sleep, but nothing major.  That should be enough rest for a person – right?  I attempted to cozy up under a microfiber blanket my sister made me for my birthday last year and read my new book that came in the mail yesterday.

Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer

Ivy hates it when I read though.  She won’t have it.  I have been trying to read since I opened the box yesterday.  I can’t wait to read this book.  To glean from its pages ideas, stories, a new outlook on rhythm, and help.  I know I will find some answers to my hopes of continuing to flush out the cabin and for creating some magical outdoor play spaces.  It sits beside me now just asking to be opened.  Soon.

I’ve been thinking of making a page here that will list the books I’ve read and maybe have a blurb about them.  I love sharing books.

I had been using the themes from Little Acorn Learning for our weeks of homeschool.  At the end of last week when we were erasing the chalk drawing from our board, Deladis asked if we could “do frogs next week”.  The look on her face was one of hope and excitement.  She was loving our themed weeks and wanted a part in creating them.  I knew I would need to order the September curriculum and it would likely not be frogs.  For a moment, I didn’t know what to say to her.  Maybe someday?  Not this time? What about something else – fall like? If I bought the curriculum, one of those would have to be the answer.  How could I break that news to a face like that?  My heart wanted to pat her on the back and say, “Sure that’s a great idea!”  I thought for another second and that is exactly what I said.

It didn’t take me long to gather enough fingerplays, songs, and verses from the internet to put together a fun Circle Time.  The crafts were all online too, and I got some ideas from SunnyDayTodayMama and her themed week with her sunny boy.  All this was completely free!  John drew a frog on our chalk board and we started the week like the last four.  It’s been so nice!  We even got to save a toad from the chickens!  I felt a bit of the Divine in that one. 🙂

To see the love of learning in the face of a child, makes you want to capture it and put it somewhere where nothing can destroy it.  It is that ingrained desire that all children are born with, and I think allowing Deladis to explore her interests through our schooling is keeping it natural.  It is using what she was already given.  Yes, that sounds unschoolish. 🙂  Who knows how we will end up.  I know I love the Waldorf approach to education and no matter how we go about it, that will be my prevailing philosophy.

We aren’t sure about next week yet.  Deladis hasn’t voiced an opinion.  Maybe it’s time to order the curriculum.