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You remember that campaign of commercialism about 10 years ago of the brand “No Fear”?  It was all over clothes and emboldened teen and young adult drivers when they posted it on the back windsheild of their vehicles.  Well, here in the mountains, we like to personalize things.  You know, make it our own.  So, we turned “No Fear” into “Ain’t Skeered”.

Deladis was the embodiment of that term last night at the fall festival’s carnival.  She was exactly tall enough to ride all the big rides and that’s precisely what she wanted to do.  With the exception of the Gravitron and the Haunted House, we let her.

The "baby" swings

The "baby" swings

She started with the “baby” swings, and while it was obvious they were really fun, my child was looking for a thrill.  It wasn’t long before I was gritting my teeth and holding to John’s arm, while she rode the “big kid” swings that, to my mothering eyes, seemed to engulf her in risk.  I trusted her daddy’s judgment and watched her huge smile as it took her around and out into the night air.  Next, she rode in the front cart on the rollercoaster called The Screamer.

Just a boy really...

Just a boy really...

As if accepting the fact that my daughter is growing up faster than I had realized and she has enough of her mother in her to love to be daring weren’t enough, John had to bully past me to ride with Deladis the two rides where we felt an adult presence was necessary.  😉  Mommy didn’t get to ride a single ride. 😦  He played it off as daddy’s protection, but I know daddy just wanted to ride.  They are on the WindJammer in this picture.

We really enjoyed our time with our firstborn.  She shined last night.  Ivy stayed with my mother, and I’m sure she had a better time there.  I could just picture her running off into the crowd, or trying to stand up on the moving kiddie rides.  It won’t be long until we see the her flaunting her daring on rides.  I can’t believe they grow so fast.


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