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John had to take the three hour trip to Lexington today to pick up some paintings.  Despite the fact that there was no money to spend and we had to make it a very quick trip, the girls and I decided to go with him.  I had to ride in the little seat in the back of the cab of our Ford Ranger – comfort…  But, we got there with little tears, and had a chilly picnic in a tiny park in the downtown area.  The fountains won the girls over.



They were giddy, running here and there eating the peanut butter sandwiches we made and apples with string cheese.  Ivy kept saying, “Wow, wow!”  Deladis ran after her laughing and corralling her away from the street – didn’t let her get anywhere near it. 🙂

I was surprised that something so simple as seeing something out of the ordinary could make them so happy.  I remembered when my mother used to say to us – “You act like you’ve never been out of the holler before.” or “You look like you’ve never been out of the holler before.”  I could have said the same today, but with a happier tone.  Living in the mountains does make trips to the city seem a little more magical because it is busy and different.  All those people in one place.  It is humanity all up in your face.  Man made everywhere.  The fountains were gorgeous as much of downtown Lexington is.  I got some great shots of the girls.





And I couldn’t leave out Daddy. 🙂



Our last stop was Whole Foods where I stocked up on some things that I can’t get at home.  I am really praying for a food revolution so that quality food can be available to folks everywhere at a reasonable price.  Local based food economy is where it is at.  Then, it was home again.  My bottom is sore. 🙂

Home feels so cozy tonight.

As a side note, I’ve decided that it is time to spend more of my writing opportunities working on my novels and more short fiction.  That will mean I won’t be posting here as much.  I very much value my readers with this blog.  You have all been tremendous helps, and uplifters, and I hope that I have been the same for you.  I never thought I would like blogging and reading blogs as much as I do.  It is time to focus on my “writing” writing as I have many goals there and I don’t want to put that on the backburner much longer.  Since, my family and our homesteading and homeschooling comes first timewise, that will mean that my after bedtime writing will be split between the fiction and this blog.  I hope to post at least twice a week, but I will shoot for three.  I have been posting five days a week.  I’m hoping, since I spend around an hour a post that this will give me the time I’ve been looking for for my other writing.  If I commit fully to growing this blog, then I have no time at all for the other writing.  I hope my readers will understand, and keep checking in for there will be posts still weekly on our lives in these mountains we call home.


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