This last week has been pretty blah weather wise.  I feel like I’m right in the middle of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.  Sure there is beauty in it, but I am very unprepared for cold weather as far as dressing myself and the girls.  The everyday rain has made it even more difficult.  Without rain boots or coats and hats, we have had to stay indoors and give up our nature walk until the weather breaks.  There are no places to take children to play indoors in such a rural area.  This is especially hard on Ivy who lives to be as physical as possible.  She has cried, tantrumed, and gotten into so much trouble.

This morning Ivy discovered that she is finally big enough to use the rocking horse, and got it going pretty good until I decided to take her picture.  The joy on her face was a relief.  Her face has been drawn and aggravated so much this week.

Deladis has been antsy too.  I thought she was going to explode when I told her we were going to be going to dance class and church yesterday.  She started jumping on the bed and nearly landed on her sister’s head.  I’m hoping I can hold off her incessant questioning for two more hours before we leave for our homeschoolers group meeting today.  I’m thanking God we have some place to go.

This all has really been trying my patience.  A trial was just what I needed to put all my work in that area to the test.  I’ve failed more than I’ve passed, but it’s okay.  It keeps me in perspective and lets me know where I am.  Absolutely not the perfect temperament. 😉  Not able to withstand a trial on my own strength.  Right where I’m supposed to be.

I’m missing my coffee these days too.  I’ve had a headache for about five days now, and I know that a good cup of coffee would either take it away or help me deal with it a whole lot easier.  I have been sleeping better since giving it up, but my mind is still working at ninety miles an hour.  I could definitely rationalize why it would be perfectly fine to start drinking coffee again.  Should I?

As far as school goes, we’ve been forced by the weather to take a fall break.  Not having good access to the outdoors makes it hard to use our curriculum.  I’ve been keeping to our rhythm fairly well over our break, but been much more lax.  I’m finding that I really need a solid plan in order to be productive because of my flitting mind.  That is something I aim to work on this weekend.  Planning for the next few weeks, our schooling, activities, meals, housework, etc…

It is these days when there is no quick remedy to our dilemma that I really feel the crunch of financial choices.  Winter/Rain attire is usually acquired over a period of a few months as money comes in, but it’s supposed to snow Saturday or Sunday.  Where is my October of yore?  I’ve got the rainy week blues.