There is quite a bit going on around here right now.  Deladis had her first dance recital last night, and she did amazing!  She danced all by herself.  I’m so proud of her.  I had to take Ivy back to the doctor this morning for more medicine and blood draws.  I spent most of the rest of the day trying to recoup on the couch.  I have so much on my mind and with Ivy not able to sleep well at night, it is leaving me a little foggy.  I want to be on the top of my game when I write here, so I’ll make sense at least.  I have had to neglect the blog a bit, but I have many posts planned.  I should be posting more often real soon.

It has come time for some change in my life and it has become more obvious to me than ever.  I have some big plans and some big hope.  I can’t wait until I am able to write all about it here.  Thank you folks for the well wishes, and hanging in with me.  I’ll write a real post soon. 😉