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Day Four:

Yes, it’s been four days since we have left the cabin other than two treks to the barn to refresh the chickens.  We have about 5 inches of snow and the temperatures have not been above the mid-20s, but have spent most of the time in the teens and single digits.  Ice covers the confluence so thick that we don’t dare to try to drive the truck through it.  I have waterproof insulated boots now, so it’s all good.

Really, it is starting to eat away at us.  The girls need room to play, and I have found I need activity.  I thought about drinking coffee today just for some excitement.  I can’t motivate myself to clean, but I have finished a short story that I am pleased with, and read some good ones.

There are good things about being stuck.

  • More time together with Daddy.
  • The girls have learned to love grapefruit.
  • Snow angels
  • Hot chocolate
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Coloring on black paper with metallic crayons
  • Watching movies and reading books
  • Dance parties in the kitchen
  • Registering for my childbirth educator workshop/course.  I start in February.
  • Getting some writing done

There are not so good things about being stuck.

  • Overhearing Deladis tell John she likes him best.  (A fear I have had since becoming the mother of girls.  I know she is just four, but I can kind of feel where she is coming from.  I want her to like me too.)
  • Something about our “doing school” isn’t quite exciting enough for Deladis, but Ivy is now growing into participating and it is just right for her.  So begins the perplexity of homeschooling two at different levels.
  • Aching bones.  That little headache that develops from looking at the same four walls.
  • The girls having penned up energy.  Deladis gets too rowdy and has tantrums where she hits me, and Ivy just throws fits trying to bite herself and pulling her sister’s hair.

And so it goes.  At least the good list is longer than the bad one. 🙂  I hope the bitter cold is over soon, and we can have more time outside.  I’m doing some revamping of our schooling too, so I’ll post about that soon.  I don’t know what will work, but I’m already getting…

“Is it a school day?”


“Awww…” to the tone of someone who has just been told they are having iceberg lettuce and escargot for breakfast.


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