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A week ago we went with our homeschool group on a field trip to a new zoo that opened 2 months ago about 2 hours from our cabin in Snowflake, VA.  The zoo is called Creation Kingdom Zoo.  I will let my pictures speak for the most part, but I have to say that this was the cleanest, friendliest, and most hands on zoo I have ever been to.  The girls enjoyed it greatly.  I wish I could have gotten pictures of more of the animals, but my camera has been on the fritz, and Ivy was having a terribly difficult day that day.  The animals are kept in very clean and spacious enclosures.  They don’t stink of wallowing in their waste.  They don’t display the neurotic behaviors you can see, especially large cats, display in zoo exhibits.

The two things I wish I could have gotten a picture of and didn’t was the little spider monkey that we fed fruit loops.  She grabbed Ivy’s juice cup and wanted a drink!  Her hands were so soft and felt human like.  She would wrap herself in a little towel and swing in a baby swing. 🙂  We also got to pet and hold an albino python (very large) and a Coatamundi.  For $8 a piece (group rate) we got a guided tour.  We were allowed to feed most of the animals from feed bags we purchased for $1.  We were allowed to bring in our own food and drink.  It was a very pleasant experience.  A great time!  I am so happy we have this opportunity so close to us now.  You would never think a zoo would be out where this zoo is. 🙂

Little lambs

Bottle for the baby...


Some very large porcupines? Ivy was crying I couldn't hear the presentation.

White tiger - 1 year old

Apparently a 2 humped camel is a rarity at a zoo!

So gentle... used in nativities across the east coast.

It can be a little nerve wrecking, watching an ostrich eat out of your baby's hand. That beak in large!

The zoo also has a Noah’s Ark building for reptiles, fish, a kangaroo, and some rabbits.  They also have a room for showing films.  The owners are available for questions and if I am not mistaken at least one has a PhD in zoology.  I’m really excited about going back there as a family.  It makes me proud that in Appalachia we don’t let our location or stereotypes squelch our possibilities in all situations.  Really proud.  A zoo in the valley.


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