I vaguely remember being aware of this show “thirtysomething” that ran from 1987-1991 as a kid.

I’d love to be able to watch it now.  All my life, I thought that when I reached my thirties I would have become comfortable in my skin, and be able to just live through the ups and downs without worrying about trying to discover myself.  Almost 3 years into my thirties, I have found that this is not the truth.  In fact, I sometimes feel as if I’ve lost bits of myself that were/are really, really important.

It seems like Oprah or somebody said that 50 is the new 30.  I sure hope I don’t have nearly 20 more years before I’m settled in who I am and am supposed to be in this world.  Lord help me if that’s true.

I haven’t been writing here much because, honestly, so much has changed.  I don’t want to disappoint my readership.  There is no garden to report about.  No exciting adventures for the summer.  I haven’t been hiking this year.  It’s simply the daily grind, and I’m struggling even with that.  I’m searching.  I’m in search party mode.  Flashlights out.  Calling… calling a name with no answer… not giving up.  I won’t sleep until I’m found.

I am very much enjoying my work and the folks I’m working with.  It is a light in this time, and I think its important work.  I’m pretty dedicated to it.   John is opening a tattoo parlor and fine art gallery on Main St. in Whitesburg beginning tomorrow!  That’s exciting.

Otherwise… everything is up in the air.  I’m wondering when I am able to break the surface and reach that air, who I will be.  I’m wondering if I will be brave enough to write about it here.