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This is my fourth full day off of coffee!!!  My first day headache and body ache free.  I’m not nearly as emotional either.  It has amazed me what a complete hold something as “harmless” as caffeine can have on you.  I’ve been up and down all weekend.  So, today, my back decides to go out, but that hasn’t happened in awhile so it’s not completely a horrible thing.  I’m used to it.  I love chiropractors!

I felt ease in this day and coming home after a few days away felt really nice.  This afternoon we worked a little to prepare for the activities of the coming week and our homeschool.  We also wanted to make a few adjustments to the play area for the girls.

A pile of rocks for castle building or whatever they may become.


A pile of pine cones for future winter projects and neat bird feeders.



All from one tree in the front yard.


We also put the finishing touches on the nature table that I will post pictures of on Wordless Wednesday.  I’m so happy with it.

However, when we came home today we found that a rather large creature that we have been trying to catch for over a month tried to chew through the pumpkin on our table.  We turned on our heater for the first time today as well, and when we pulled back the hearth, we found its nest.  Superman from Deladis’s birthday present of wooden super heroes was missing.  We found him in the nest with the back of his head chewed off.  This creature has the ability to carry baking potatoes to various spots around the cabin for its dining pleasure.  It eats and carries around our apples and our bananas.  It chewed through the lids on my containers of nuts.  I have seen this creature twice.  It is large.  The size of an older kitten, but really fat.  It doesn’t appear to have a tail, and it is apparently intelligent.  It has no interest in the fresh food we leave for it nightly in the live trap.  We added peanut butter tonight as per the advice of my step-dad, hunter extraordinaire.  We’ll see if that does the trick.  I’ll post pictures if it does.

Coming home anytime I’ve spent a night away opens my eyes to my blessings.  I’m blessed to be able to do what I am doing for my girls, live where I live, and have such an awesome adventure of sharing my home with and trying to catch wild creatures. 😉  I’m thankful… so thankful.

An arrangement of wildflowers for yellow Monday

An arrangement of wildflowers for yellow Monday

It’s 3:47pm on Thursday.  I have not had any coffee.  I usually have 4-5 cups within a two hour period in the mornings.  Caffeine is a drug and I am an addict.  The weather is gorgeous today, but emotionally I’m a wreck.  I’ve ruined the day for the girls I’m sure.  That peaceful feeling… where is it… in the coffee pot where John made enough coffee this morning for the both of us.  It’s waiting for me to give in and drink it.  I’m thinking it sounds like a good idea.

I don’t know… adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues… trouble falling asleep in spite of being very tired… racing thoughts… racing heart… yup, too much coffee.  Ahhhhhh!

So, if I don’t have any coffee, I won’t be able to post anything of merit tonight as I usually do.  So, instead, I’ll leave you with this bit of absurd, weirdness in poor taste.  I like Ralph Stanley’s music, and I love Jesco White.  I think they are two of the most talented people in the world.  I’m wondering how in the world they got up in this.  Eric C. Conn.  I don’t know the man, but he has large billboards advertising his services all in these hills.  And, who in the world is this Obama girl?  Man, Mr. Conn must have a ton of dough.  He should take some dance lessons.


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