This week has been very difficult for me emotionally and physically, though I’m seeing the light.  I took Ivy to the doctor today and she has a sinus infection.  She has had congestion since before Thanksgiving, so I took the prescription for antibiotics though most doctors in this area don’t do a finger prick to confirm bacteria.  It hurts my heart to give her the antibiotic, but I think it is in order.  I took her for a chiropractic adjustment as well.  She is going to be better soon.  She’s playing with Deladis right now.

A week of ups and downs this has been.  I think I’m going to have some exciting news to share here soon.  I hope so, in one form or another.  🙂  We have had our family portrait made (even with a sick Ivy), and our house is decorated for Christmas.  The girls can’t wait.

With all of the girls’ excitement, this holiday is historically hard for both John and I.  We strive to make it as simple as possible at home, and there is always that feeling of guilt that we can’t buy things for people like they may buy for us.  But, this holiday isn’t about buying things.  It’s about unconditional love from one to another.

I made some of the ornaments for the tree with Deladis this week.  She had fun, but it was stressful for me as Ivy wasn’t happy.  They turned out lovely though, and she is proud of them.  When I can, I will get pictures.

I’ve been thinking about gifts for the whole week in one form or another.  This week I received two blog awards, which I will share when I have more time for a post.  I received a Joel Goldsmith book from another blogger, whom I have never met in person, which was purchased for me.  It blessed my heart.  I have thought of gifts passed.

Today, I was brought back to my time in the city right before we moved home.  Childbirth has been on my mind a lot this week.  In April2008, my homebirth attempt at a vaginal birth after a cesarean section turned into a hospital transfer with a repeat surgery.  As filled with joy as I was at having a healthy new baby, the surgery broke my heart.  Being without many, in real life, mama friends close by has been growing hard for me.  Remembering what happened after that surgery makes me long for that even more.  A group of women that I had become acquainted with online through our similar parenting beliefs, came together and brought me food for two weeks straight while I healed.  It was food made from the heart – homecooked.  Cookies, soups, meatballs, chicken, yummy stuff.  It was left on my doorstep, delivered in person with a second to chat, and placed in my hands with a hug.  That food nourished my in body and soul.  It fed my family when I could not.  I was left feeling cared for.  Now, that was an amazing gift.  Christmas gifts should be like this.

Our winter interactive nature table.

Please visit tomorrow’s post at Waiting for the Click, or today’s for that matter.  It is a great blog.  However, tomorrow I am the featured “click” story. 🙂  I even sent her a nice picture of myself. hehe