Yesterday, I took the girls down to play in the creek.  We are fortunate that the water runs untainted at the head of our holler.  The creek bed is slate, coal, and sandstone.  It isn’t muddy at all.  It is a beautiful place.  Our Hillbilly Waterpark.

Ivy enjoyed walking up the little incline in this photo and slipping and sliding her way back down.  Deladis decided to play “rain” and “waterfall” in the midst of my splashes.  We watched minnows skirt under and out from under rocks.  We listened to a deer snort at us from the hillside.  Lars (our dog) drank the chilly water and waded up and down the creek sniffing here and there.  John visited us for a few minutes, enough to take a few good pictures of the girls, and then it was back to work.  It was a nice break.  Who needs a plastic kiddie pool anyway?  (I decided not to post the pics because the girls went in only swim diapers to save me some laundry. 🙂 )  Then, we gathered some clay and sand from the path back to the house and made some clay sun pots that are drying on our backporch, now.

I spent a week teaching the children of other parents about the magic in our hills.  From here on out, a priority of mine is to enjoy a little of the magic in each day with my girls, and do so from a place of peace.

Head of the holler...

Hillbilly Waterpark